Meet the Team

Dougem Medhen (Founder)

I’m a computer science teacher/professional game designer. I used my skills that I’ve acquired to form this company

Kevin Bradley (Writer)

I am a writer and work as a paralegal. I enjoy Anime, K-Dramas, C-Dramas, Manga, Comics, Manwas,
books, video games, and various kinds of music. I usually enjoy anything that can pique my interests. I
am also an active fencer, but not professionally trained. I have spent many years in California and
Arizona, but was born and raised in Texas.

Aim Diab (Game Developer, Founder of Hipster Husky Games)

A game developer in his own right, His website/game development company can be found here:

Britany Santana (Animator)

A 2D artist that has worked on all sorts of animations. She is the backbone of Mad Hen House Animations. View her channel here:

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